Cubase 4 and building N-Tuplets

I am running Cubase 4 on WinXP SP3. I am trying to build a 5 tuple which contains 5 quarter notes in the space of 4/4. But I want the center note in the 5 tuple to go across the bar line symmetrically. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get this to display properly, i.e., 2 quarter notes, two eighths tied across the bar, two more quarter notes - all under the 5 tuple slur. I even tried making the 5 tuple within a whole bar and dragging it to the right position, but the results look all gibberish and crazy. I can get the midi to be correct, but it seems impossible to make it look right on the score.
On a related note (pun, ha ha!), why does the quantize dialog box for the score editor only contain options for duple and triplets. Can’t one manually insert higher order quantize values - like quintuplets, etc.?