CUBASE 4 and Presonus - We need help to reinstall licenses

Please, at the University we have 8 computers with Cubase 4 LE that were sold with the Presonus Firebox board. 2 computers are no longer working and were replaced . We tried again to install Cubase LE 4 on new computers but are unable to because the system does not release the elicencer . How should we proceed in this case? They could help us with these two licenses for the Cubase 4 LE works with Presonus board ?

Please list your computer specs…

If your new computers are PCs running windows 8 or 10 then the issue is probably related to the old Presonus Firebox. I just had to upgrade from my old Firebox because it would not work with Windows 10. Some users report that it does work for them but for me it was a no-go. It is because Presonus considers the Firebox to be a legacy product and no longer supports it. The latest driver issued for the Firebox was issued (and tested) years ago for PCs running up to Windows 7.

If you believe the issue is related to the CB LE4 licenses then you would need to the “MySteinberg” account(s) where the software(s) were registered. You will find the serial numbers there and instructions for how to reactivate it.

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Thank you for your explanation.

You should edit your post to remove the serial and license numbers.

You need to go to the MySteinberg account where the software is registered. There, it explains exactly how you “Reactivate” your software.

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Yes, I went MySteinberg and tried to do and failed.

I am just a forum member trying to assist you so I have no authority to do what you ask. You might get lucky if someone from Steinberg sees and replies to your posts but, just in case they don’t, I suggest that you submit a formal support request that is available in your MySteinberg account.

Good luck.

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