Cubase 4/BFD2 - VST Not Staying Active

I have an old setup but still works great. Cubase 4 and BFD2 Drums. With Windows 10 I lost one minor convenience. With BFD2 drums loaded and working (driven from a midi track inside Cubase), after I save and close, the next time when I open the file I have to go into edit the BFD2 VST in order to reactivate the VST to make notes sound. Prior to doing that, I can see the midi signal on the VST Instrument pane, but the tracks and sound will not engage until after I go into edit the BFD2 VST. Once working. the sound will play as long as I work within the file, but as soon as I save and close it, I have to edit the VST the next time I go open the file. Again, a minor inconvenience, but thought to see if any guru’s out there have figured out a fix.

In case anyone has the same setup/issue, I figured out what was wrong. I needed the BFD2 latest (and last) update fixed the issue. I had only installed BFD2 32 bit, thinking if I installed 64 bit it would not allow playback in old 32 bit Cubase. Apparently it will allow playback in both 32 and 64 bit.