cubase 4 crashing

ive had c4 since it came out and very recently it started crashing . it doesnt happen all the time…
but it usually happens after ive tracked something magical and press “stop”…crash!
sometimes it will happen repeatedly… othertimes it wont at all…
it will be a few months b4 i can upgrade.

im using a macbook osx 10.5.8 HELP

Does it happen in a specific project or on a newly created project as well?

have you installed any new pluggins?

have you done any system maintenance latetly? repair permisssions etc?

for your own protection have you been saving files incremetally - “my track 1 …my track 2 …” and have you backed everything up? system and music projects, user accounts etc

It happens randomly/periodically… some projects more than others…

I have installed new plugins but…not “officially” no system maintenance done… im still learning a bit about macs.