Cubase 4 dongle casing fell apart + update to Cubase 7

Hello everyone, new user from Croatia aboard!

Two quick questions -

My cubase 4 USB dongle kinda fell apart (the plastic casing), and though it’s still working, i am worried it might cause me troubles down the road. Is there any chance the damaged dongle could be replaced with a new one, and if so, what’s the procedure?

Also, i know there is an upgrade option from cubase 4 to cubase 7, but i’m having trouble finding it on the steinberg website. If someone could send me a link, i would be very grateful!

Thanks a lot!


You can buy an empty new one and transfer all licenses (if the old USB dongle and the new one are working ok). Then you can keep the old one as a spare for emergencies.

In case of malfunction you will have to send it to Steinberg.

i see.

where can i buy a new one?

Directly from Steinberg, or any musical shop (or even Ebay).

my dongle allso fell apart.never seen it happen to a usb before.

Can’t you just glue it back together?

i sellotaped mine.
maybe the question should be "why dont steinberg sell a product that does not fall apart?

Because they would go broke not being able to sell all those replacement dongles! :laughing:


Seriously, though …

They are a little fragile, for sure. I have mine customized with a preventative tape wrap. I also recently purchased a USB add-on card with an internal port to keep it mounted in a safe location …

Not much help for laptop users, of course. If I had to be mobile with a dongle I would construct some type of small “safe box” and run a USB extension lead from the box to the laptop.