Cubase 4 Dongle issue


A couple of years ago I bought this software but have never been able to use it as the dongle is for an LPT port which none of my computers have. I am determined to get some use out of it :unamused: can the dongle be exchanged for a USB one ?

The last version to use the LPT port was VST5/32.

If that’s the version you’re talking about, you can buy a USB dongle and transfer the licence to the Dongle.

He doesn’t have a machine with a LPT, though. He may have to send it in. :chin:

Or, if his machine has a PCI slot, he could buy an LPT add-on card.

Ok thanx guys … so I need the usb dongle to transfer the licence … thats ordered and yes it is the blue dongle for VST5 Ive found an old machine with an LPT port and USB to do the licence swap

Its really Cubase Essential4 that I want to use though mostly … I only have the licence codes for it and dont remember getting a dongle with it ? :confused: … Do I need to use the LCC prog prog to activate CE4 ?, and should I not there for bother transferring the VST5 licence out of the LPT dongle, or will the USB e licencer hold both licences so I can use both programs ? if for some reason I dont like CE4 ? or it wont load old VST songs

Sorry for all the noob questions, its been a while since I used all this stuff :unamused:

How to transfer licenses from the old LPT port dongle to the USB-eLicenser is explained in our Knowledge Base:

If you do not have a USB-eLicenser for Cubase Essential 4, maybe you still have the activation code in the box?

Thanx EdDoll I’m up to speed on the licence transer method now

As to CE4 you had me looking out the box it came in , and theres is a window in the side of it that suggests it came with a USB dongle … :unamused: but after living in a house with a young family for a few years :smiley: I dont remember ever having it, but I do have the licence Activation codes that came in the box… but it wouldn’t allow me to register and activate the software even with that when I tried it ?The LCC software still said it was looking for some sort of hardware authentication ?

Have I missed something in part of the set up ? :confused:

I’m not sure whether I understand this correctly. You do have a USB-eLicenser available and it is connected to the computer but when you enter the activation code it does not download a license? Could you send me the activation codes in a private message?

Sorry … I’m perhaps confusing the issue a bit

Havent used my midi system in quite a few years … I bought VST 5 a good while ago and used it for a few years quite happily

few years Later I bought CE4 beliving it to be the next stage but never got into it for some reason … I guess life overtook me a bit

Now, I want to use either package, but my current PC doesent have a LPT port.

Ive now found one that does, so have purchesed the usb dongle to transfer my VST licence and allow me to use the VST software on my current machine

WIth CE4 I have my activation Codes … but I havent managed to get the software to work … do I need a dongle ? or should the activation codes alone work or will I be able to use the same USB dongle that I intend to transfer my VST licence to, to also hold the CE4 licence. I hope that makes sense :blush:

If you want you can use the same USB-eLicenser for both Cubase VST and Cubase Essential 4. You’ll need the activation code to download the Cubase Essential 4 license to the USB-eLicenser using the eLicenser Control Center for that. Please keep in mind that after you transferred the Cubase VST license from the LPT dongle to the USB-eLicenser you need to update the License Control Center to the latest eLicenser Control Center ( and then download the Essential 4 license. Again, if you have trouble with the activation code, please send me a PM with that code.

Thank you EdDoll that is most helpful of you :slight_smile: … my key arrived today so I will get some time shortly to get it all set up … cheers :wink: