Cubase 4 Importing Audio_Detuned


I have recently imported wav files into my program and all 10 tracks were slowed down and slightly detuned.

This is the first I have seen this. I opened up other projects and they are still fine…

Any thoughts?


Check your sample rates. Make sure they are the same.

That seemed to do it.

I adjusted the rate to 48k from 44.1. I don’t see any info on the wav file about sampling rate though…How would I know?

I did adjust the rate with the files imported (already in the project) and it seemed better but not quite there.

So I deleted, set the sample rate, and then imported and it seems good.

Does all this seem correct?

Thanks so much

Every now and then I’ll import a file with a sample rate different from the project. In that event, I just go to audio/process/resample. The resample drop down will show you the file sample rate, the new adjusted rate and the difference. Generally, whatever Cubase sets it to brings the file to the matching rate. I just hit the “process” button. There’s also a preview button if you’d like to hear it first.
That’s just one way to make the adjustment. Another is to determine the sample rate of the file before you export it from the original DAW and then set your import project to match. Of course, if you’ve already started and recorded audio files in the import DAW, then you’ll have to resample the incoming files.