Cubase 4 is tearing me up!

You would not believe the amount of stress that Cubase 4 is causing me with Windows 7.

Every time I open the program it fails to “GetInfo” - no matter if I uninstall everything and re-install it, update, upgrade, update eLCC, or plug my key into a different port. Nothing works. (windows 7 and cubase are 64bit)

So at this time I’m terrified of upgrading to C6 because I don’t know if it’s going to work.

I tried to install the C6 30 day trial because at least then I can see if I like it anyways, and guess what! It doesn’t work either because of the same stupid USB key problem.

I can’t keep installing and uninstalling products to try to get this thing to work! I’m sooo frustrated I haven’t been able to produce a single track for a long time now because my DAW doesn’t work properly!!!

I seriously. don’t. know. what. to. do… :cry:

I’ve also had this error happen to me: cubase dcom to program “synsopo.exe” failed

Do you have the latest eLicenser software installed?


Hmmmm … possibly a User Account Control / Firewall / Anti-Virus conflict?

Sorry, I missed the updated eLCC in your original post.

I’m using Cubase 4.5.2 32-bit on W7-64 with no issues. Never had any.

Well believe me, there’s a persistent problem and it freaking sucks!

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Please do not post pictures with the number of your USB dongle. That is almost the same like posting the combination of your safe at home.

Please get in contact with our support department to solve this issue. The contact details can be found here.



The official response from support was that Cubase 4 is not supported by windows 7 :neutral_face:

Did you use the special Vista installer patch?

No, is that for Cubase or Windows 7?