Cubase 4 licence problems , please help

Hi , this issue is pretty random, this is my first post on here , so thank you very much to anybody that tries to help me out,
heres the problem

I was using Cubase studio 4 on the pc,

then i upgraded to cubase 6 , but moved over to mac, i had projects to finish on my pc studio 4 version , but i decided to install cubase 6 on my mac, (its was a upgrade from 4) so i moved my product key to my mac, on my mac cubase 6 works fine , i was under the impression that cubase 4 would continue to work, but on my mac only 6 works and i get a licence error for 4

what i really need is for cubase studio 4 to continue working for my pc as the projects have lots of pc only plugins ect and when i open them up in 6 pretty much nothing works on the tracks

I get a error whenever i try to open 4 on my pc now, its seems that the licence has disapeared from my key

any advise??

thank you very much

ps in the my stienberg section i registered my key today, which shows i have cubase 4 and 6 registered , but in the lcc shows only cubase 6 , which itself keeps showsing errors until i refresh lots of times

You might want to try updating your license to the latest version if you hadn’t already done so.

Yes, update the license control center on your PC. The old version you are using doesn’t recognise the new Cubase 6 license.

It’s Cubase 4 that it’s not recognizing. It used to.

Yes, but I was under the impression that the OP wants to use Cubase 6 on his mac (works) and Cubase 4 on his PC (no longer works).
It no longer works because the actual license on the key isn’t recognised by the older eLCC on the pc running Cubase 4. Nothing on that PC has changed, just the license that’s different on the key.

Unless I didn’t understand the problem right :sunglasses:

Yes. Cubase 4 doesn’t work on his mac either. I don’t know if he installed any updates for his licenser on the mac, which was both of our suggestions but then again, isn’t the licenser installed on the key? Either way, we’ve got to hear what happens after he updates his licenser before we can move on.

Oh I see, doesn’t make much sense if Cubase 4 doesn’t work while Cubase 6 does if both are on the mac.
As I understand it the license is on the dongle, the licenser is the application on the computer that checks the license. If you use an old licenser while the dongle carries a newer license (as is the case here, since the license got updated to 6, the licenser didn’t) it won’t recognise the license on the dongle because the licenser has not been told a Cubase 6 license even exists.
But once again, that’s how I interpret it :wink:

Thank you everybody for your replies, i sent a message to support as well and they suggested downloading the brand new elicences , i did that and now it works! i got studio 4 to work on my pc again and 6 works on my mac now, i did just perform the matanence on the licence , hopefully that didnt cancel anything out!
thank you very much your guys help!

Yup, I can see that!

Glad you got it figured out.

There you go, good luck with transferring all the old stuff :slight_smile: