Cubase 4 on Windows 7 64 bit: how to install?

Hi Folks.

A forum search with the terms “Cubase 4” and “Windows 7” is not possible as these terms are considered too common, so I have to ask.

I recently bought a new laptop with W7x64 preinstalled, for C6, and all looks fine.
For project compatibility reasons, I need to install Cubase 4 on it.

I have the Original Cubase 4 disks, and the following files downloaded from the ftp site:

  1. Cubase_4.5.2.274_Patch_64bit.msp - May 19, 2010 - 17MB
  2. Cubase_4.5.2.274_Patch.msp - May 19, 2010 - 26MB
  3. Cubase_4.5.2.274_Update.exe - May 19, 2010 - 114MB

I presume that I don’t need file number 2. (only for 32 bit versions?)

Is the following sequence correct:

I. Install Cubase 4 from disks
II. Install update (file 3.)
III. Install patch (file 1.)


Thanks for your help & advise.


I’d say get these two and you’re good to go

I remember I installed what was called “64bit preview”, not from the DVD, but from the FTP, I guess it’s that first one.