Cubase 4 question

Hope someone can help please.
When I’m editing automation on the project page the object selection arrow often changes to a little black double headed arrow which drives me mad.
I don’t know what it’s for or how to get rid of it. It appears and disappears randomly.
I asked this question a while ago but got no reply. Would greatly appreciate the answer to this.
Many thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Could you share a screenshot, please?

I would say it says you can move the point in one direction only up/down or left/right. This might happen while holding Ctrl modifier while changing the value (in the current Cubase version).

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the delay but I received no message to say there was a response to my post. I will upload a screenshot as soon as it occurs again. As I said earlier it appears randomly, and not whilst holding down any other keys.

This is the arrow I refer to.


Could you try after Cubase trash preferences, please (don’t forget to backup your preferences before)? Is there any other window behind the Project window?

Many thanks for your reply. I’m not sure how to trash and save preferences in Cubase 4 and I would appreciate any assistance with that please.
No, there are no windows behind the one shown.


%AppData% Roaming/Steinberg

Rename Cubase 4 folder to _current_date_Cubase 4. Start Cubase. Cubase starts with the fresh preferences.

Many thanks. I’ll give that a try.