Cubase 4: Stop MIDI note-offs when playback is stopped


I’d like to stop Cubase 4.5.2 from stopping all MIDI notes when I press stop on the transport. Does anyone know how to do this, or if it can be done?

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PS: I thought the relevant option was: Preferences->MIDI->Reset on Stop, but the notes stop regardless of whether this is checked or unchecked.


Why would you want them to continue after stop?

I’m using Cubase to control Max/MSP. I’m using MIDI notes to turn various switches on and off. When I pause playback, I don’t want the switches to turn off prematurely. I realise that this is a fairly non-standard use of the MIDI functionality in Cubase and that most people would never want the MIDI notes left hanging. That’s why I’m unsure if it is even an option to stop the MIDI note-offs when I press stop on the transport.




I’m not sure what you mean…

I agree, there should be a pref to do what you are asking.


Ah, yes. Well hopefully there is some way of doing it and someone will let us know…

Well, I’ve been recording my Sonic Cell via USB and occasionally I get a clipping of note tails so I set to zero the note-off on the last note of a part, but it looks like it needs more, such as drawing in some midi automation but regarding your request, you would think it would be by default as you describe and that unless you turn it off it would always sound.

A preference would be good, but unless it is on a project by project basis how useful it could be is anyone’s guess.

It’s a while since this was first posted but I’ve been having the same problem in Cubase 6.5.
When playing live, I trigger VST instruments and perhaps have a click track running and some sequence data. At the end of the song I hit stop but I want the notes I’m holding to sustain until I take my hands off the keys. Unfortunately they are cut off by the stop command.
I don’t have ‘reset on stop’ checked in preferences. Does anyone know why this is happening?