Cubase 4 Studio > Elements 6 Questions !

Hi all…

I’ve taken the jump from Studio 4 to Elements 6 (as I’m about to go to Mac Lion, and I needed to update anyway !).
Here’s a few things I need to know:

  • The MP3 encoder I bought for Studio 4 and is on my USB dongle - will it tie in with Elements 6 ? I don’t really want to have to purchase it again, and a lot of my final exports are to MP3.

  • When I export an MP3 file in Elements 6 then bring it back into the project, it appears to have a much louder response and waveform (even without EQ or processing) - why would that be ? I have an image of it if necessary to explain.

  • Am I right in saying that I can move the dongle to another computer with eLicencer installed and Cubase 6 Elements ? I accidentally downloaded the new activation to the dongle not the eLicencer…

  • I need to bring in some EQ presets over from Studio 4 to Elements 6 as they are part of projects that I’m working on - where do I find the originals and where do I put them in the new version ?

Hope I can rack someone’s brain for the answers soon :slight_smile:

*** BUMP *** - Any Steinberg employees that can help ?