cubase 4 upgrade to cubase 7.5

Hi all,

I used Cubase 4 with my G5 Power Mac in 2006. I stopped using it since 2009. And now I want to get the Cubase 7.5 upgrade verison to my new Macbook pro.

The first question is… do I need to reinstall Cubase 4 to my new Macbook pro again in order to install Cubase 7.5?

The second question is, If I lost the Cubase 4 installer disc, can I still able to install Cubase 7.5 upgrade version directly to my Macbook pro.

Please advise.


You just buy the upgrade license, put it to your elicenser and then install the 7.5 software version.
It´s not an “Update” per se, it is a full version which does not need any old version installed

Thanks a lot Marsman. Appreciated.