Cubase 4 won't start and cannot download from

I just installed my Cubase 4 on a newer PC since I plan to do some music after many years inactive…

The ‘synchrosoft’ licensing utility does not seem to work on Windows 8.1 so I tried downloading the eLicenser Control Center but it won’t download for some reason, even when I am logged in the web site.

I had originally tried to download the Cubase 4.1 ISO from web site but it failed after abour 1GB. I clicked ‘retry’ several times but it never continued.

But the Elicenser Control Center is tiny so it does not make sense that it fails downloading. My internet is fine, I can download from other web sites and watch youtube videos.

I tried to ask for support on steinberg web site but I was very disappointed to see that steinberg does not support their older producta. I mean this cubase cost $1000 back then. It’s not a $10. freeware or something.

Any suggestions?