Cubase 4

Will Cubase 4 install on a Mac Mini running Mavericks? I know there is a 64 bit version around somewhere because I had a copy back in the day. If it won’t install on Mavericks what is the latest OSX it will install on?


Cubase 4 has been discontinued for several years and is not supported for 10.9 (particularly since 10.9 changed the Core2ASIO functions for audio). I would suggest upgrading to Cubase 7.5 for use on 10.9.

10.5 was the last version for Cubase 4:

I have Cubase Artist 7.5 but I also have access to Cubase 4. I used to use SX3, then Cubase 4 and then I had to stop doing music stuff in 2008 for family health reasons and just about six weeks ago I decided to get back into it with Artist 7.5 but it is so dark on the status and info lines that it is very hard for me to read and the chord display is so much harder to read than it was in Cubase 4. Several years ago I gave my old studio computer with Cubase 4 on it to my step son but I could get cubase back if it would install but since it won’t, I’ll just do the best I can to read the too dark info and status lines.

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An alternative to the “buy more Steinberg products” response which you obviously do not need, is to just use another computer with the appropriate OS to run your perfectly good and already paid for investment on… if you don’t have one already, you can get a used one inexpensively. That’s what I would do anyway. I’d then make use both computers and Network, or sync them together in whichever way you choose…with 2 Cubase versions you could just use VST System Link, which is included.

I thought about just getting the computer back from my stepson but decided I didn’t want to do that since the only reason I want Cubase 4 is because of the better Key Editor chord being played display, however I mainly want it for just using a patch that I like and trying different chords and then writing down that chord so I could remember the patch and chord for future reference. Since I’m using a Mac Mini I also have Garage Band X (sometimes sort of jokingly referred to as Logic Express X since Apple officially did away with Express but made GBX GUI look exactly like Logic X) and it has all 4 of my third party VSTi’s showing up so I can just use it’s large chord display for my playing around time.

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Agreed on how much nicer the UI is for Cubase 4. Agreed also that it is cheap to buy some old G4 for example with some older OS to run what I thought is very good running s/w. I have been using OS9.2.2 and Cubase VST24 version since 1999 and it has crashed maybe 5 times??? I also have Cubase 6.5 but I still use Cubase 4.1 vst24 more than the newer stuff.

My question: i want to do a back up install of Cubase 4 vst24 (which I DID buy thank you very much) on a back up mac that i just got for like 50 bucks (running 9.2.2) but I access the internet via a linux laptop. How can I download the hqx file to install the update that will allow me to bybass the response challenge nonsense? I am trying to download it but nothing happens.