cubase 5.0 original version for install where?

I need to find the original Cubase 5.0 version for mac but the ftp site only has update dmg files. The folder with the early version is empty.

Any suggestions?



The original 5.0 version is on the original 5.0 install disc.

That’s the issue. I don’t have the original cubase 5 disk as I upgraded directly from C4 to C6 but i am working with an artist who is on C5.

I contacted Steinberg support in canada and they have issued me a copy of the C5 installer. Life is good thanks Steinberg. I love the policy of allowing users to access older versions and legally run them.



I’ve only had to deal with Steinberg Canada three times since I started using Cubase over ten years ago (v 3.6), but each time, they’ve been fantastic.