Cubase 5.01 147 (msi Problem)

Why Cubase 5 on media browser reproduction starts reproduction on only one side of the boxes, if it are normally configurated and stereo working on main arrangement and Cubase, but not updated (I don’t want this if it do not compromise with the retail).

How to fix it?

it was not happening before installing vst classics.msi, but sometimes before this problem has random happened.

I have to face the reality of my truths, and post here the response like everything else I have in my life as issues and conclusions… It’s seems to be a simple problem in the control room, but at first subjects it have manifested like this; The control room and outputs was responding by the manner they was configurated, and after stopped to respond like I was about I had wished for. This beautiful morning I had waked with that intuition to find that out, easily I found that as output and control room re-configurated.

Now, with all my experience and all my precisions, I can’t see why this such a thing can happen so disconvexed.