cubase 5.1 edit windows wont reopen...

Im having trouble with edit windows for plugins and vst in cubase 5.1… I select a plugin or vst…then when I go to open the edit window, its not there. Ive checked if its hiding behind other windows but its not. Is this a common bug with an update fix? Its very frustrating!

This may not be the same but…the only time I’ve ever encountered anything remotely similar to this (on Cubase VST 5/32), is when I was using a dual video monitor set-up for the longest time, then had to temporarily switch to a single monitor for a while…things like my transport bar were not visable anymore. It turned out that on my past projects (when using two monitors) that the transport bar was normally placed onto the missing monitor. A VSTi’s edit window could have also suffered the same misplacement.

Sometimes I could simply bring my mouse arrow over to the missing monitor & blindly get ‘lucky’ to grab it, and drag it over. Eventually I found a better way to make all those projects automatically work on a single monitor. I can’t recall what I did exactly, that was about 7 years ago…maybe I ‘saved as’ , closed & then reopened the project or something???

If your projects weren’t originally created on a dual-monitor set up, then it’s something else obviously. And it could be that versions after Cubase VST 5/32 don’t do that, but automatically know when the system is running one or multiple monitors, regardless of whether it was created with a number of monitors at the time…?