Cubase 5.1 lag with keyboard shortcuts

Hi, lot!

I’ve reinstalled my good ole’ Cubase 5.1 on a new laptop, which runs 8gb of ram, 64bit, 2.20GHZ processor, Windows 10.

A very aggravating problem started to happen… after I’ve advanced my project to give-or-take 7 VSTi tracks, Cubase starts to lag. But not lag with sound. It lags with keyboard reception. Sometimes it takes me 3 to 5 pushes of a button for Cubase to recognize the action, and that applies to everything: pressing play, deleting tracks, selecting notes, etc.

Half the time it’s ok, but the other half, I have to mash a button up to five times for it to take effect. Mind you, there’s no problem with RAM, my ASIO Time Usage stays at 30-40%. My soundcard is a Steinberg UR-12 USB Audio Interface.

Anyone has an idea what could be the problem, and the possible fix? :bulb: