Cubase 5.1 - Problem with audio input

Hello, I would like to apologize in advance for what is maybe a stupid question…
Today I opened an older cubase project to record some new acoustic tracks. My simple setup is the same as it ever was, yet no audio seems to be coming in.

My soundcard is a Fireface UC. I have selected the ‘ASIO Fireface USB’ as ASIO driver and am trying to record with my Shure SM58 on the first or second mono port. Both are XLR inputs. These ports are shown as Active.

Under VST Connections I have created two mono input busses for these device ports ‘Analog 1’ and ‘Analog 2.’

The Software Mixer from the Fireface receives a signal, however I cannot capture it in Cubase.

Am I overlooking something here?

Just found out what the problem was. I had selected loopback by accident in the Totalmix application.