Cubase 5 - 11 Upgrade Question

Have sent this to Stenberg a few days ago but have yet to receive a response and am keen to get back into music production whilst it still seems affordable, so…
I am currently a registered owner of Cubase 5 running on an old Windows XP computer which holds dozens of old projects from back in the day. I use the USB-eLicenser which came with the package but although it currently works, it is damaged and I’m not sure how long it will last before it falls apart.
I would like to purchase Cubase Pro 11 and run this on my new Windows 10 computer. However at the same time I would still like to run the old Cubase 5 on my old XP computer. I will only be running Cubase on one computer at any one time.
Would I be able to purchase Cubase Pro 11 at the Cubase 5 upgrade price of £136 and install this on my new computer? And if so would I need to install Cubase 5 first, then upgrade with 11 over the top?
Regarding replacing my old dongle and continuing to run Cubase 5 on my old computer, is this just a case of purchasing a new USB-eLicenser and transferring both licences onto this, then using this single USB to run either Cubase 5 on my old computer OR Cubase 11 on my new one?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, Cubase 5 is listed as an update path in the Steinberg Shop, so that should work.

No, just install Cubase 11.

The update is only about the license on the dongle, you don’t need to have any previous Cubase installed.
(I don’t know if C5 would even work on Win10.)

Yes. Except that there will be only one license to transfer. When you activate your new C11 license your C5 license updates to a C11 license instead. This single license allows you to also run any lower version of Cubase (like C5) (on any computer, by switching the USB dongle between them).

great stuff, thank you Starsprinkler.

As for running C5 on XP: the old eLicencer on your XP machine won’t recognize the new C11 license without updating it’s database and the new eLicenser versions won’t run on XP. You will have to update the database manually.

Have a read here: