Cubase 5 (32 bit) & Avid Artist Control hangs on start up

I’m about ready to give up with cubase. I’m at the end of my third day of reinstalling windows (4 times), installing minimal devices (RME Raydat, Keystation Pro88, Kaoss Pad 3) Cubase 5 (lastest version) and the Avid Artist Control (latest driver and firmware).

I’ve managed to get the unit installed and the device set up in cubase but upon quiting cubase and restarting my computer cubase will not start. It will get hung up while either initializing EuCon, MIDI, Content or eLC.

I have no idea what to do, I am at my wits end.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t turn into a blame game between Steinberg and Avid.

Thanks for any help,



I thought I might throw it out there that updating your elcc may be a good idea to attempt to stop Cubase from hanging. This is a rather common problem (especially after closing Cubase). After updating elcc, I would try trashing prefs. You never know when your preferences filters might be set wrong. Does C5 work okay when the Avid control is unplugged?

The only way I could get cubase to start was by removing the Eucontrol.dll from the cubase program components file, but all that would do is remove it from the device list and is not a solution.

But I’ve again started with a fresh install of Windows 7 home premium and C5 (32 bit), but that isn’t going well. I’m starting to think that windows 7 doesn’t play with Steinberg.

I can’t believe how frustrating this is.

Perhaps someone can list some obvious settings in windows I may have to change or components that I should remove, Win7 is completely up to date, maybe that’s my problem.

That or else I’m suspecting that the Keystation Pro88 driver could be the root of the problem.