Cubase 5 32 bit to 64

Sorry if this is obvious stuff, but I cannot find the info anywhere else.

I am a Cubase 5 user who has been running 32 bit on XP. I plan to upgrade to Win 7, 64 bit. How do I do this?

My guess is to re-install from my Cubase 5 install disc, which puts me at 5.0. How do I change my registration to the new computer? And then how to bring it up to 5.53?

Thanks in advance.


You don’t have to change the registration. The license is on your dongle. Just install Cubase on your new OS, plug in the dongle, and click “Already registered”, when Cubase asks you to register. The update patches are downloadable from the Support tab on the Steinberg page.


Thank you, topic closed.