Cubase 5 32 bit under Window 7 64 bit

I am currently running Cubase 5 on Windows XP and would like to move up to Windows 7 64 bit to access additional memory. However, I run Reason 4 (32 bit) with it and therefore need to stay in 32 bit land. Issues? Is there info available on these situations?


I’m running Cubase Studio 5 32 bit in Vista 64 bit and have absolutely no problems running anything 32 bit. Windows incorporates (x86) which allows 32 bit operation in the 64 bit environment. You’re running CB 32 in W7 64 so I would assume no problem with Reason.

Thanks… real life experiences are good to hear. I’m alway afraid to dive into something like an OS change and loose the machine 'cause I didn’t know about something…

Are you upgrading or buying W7 outright? If you’re buying outright, you can always have both OSs on your system and dual boot. That way you can always revert back if something doesn’t work out right but I don’t foresee any problems with W7. Other users may have had discreet problems but nothing universal.

Yes, the dual boot might be the way to go… Thanks.

Bear in mind, that you will only be able to access 2 GB of memory more.


Unless you use Jbridge. Then you will be allotted 2G of ram memory per plug till you reach your total ram.