Cubase 5.5.0 error help needed asap

Hi there all, I have been using this platform since 2009 on Windows Vista with no issues what so ever. Have recently installed Windows 7 and finally solved the DCOM error by acquiring the new eLCC, however, Cubase 5 begins to open (finally acknowlegding the license) and then crashes with the following info:

Application ‘Cubase 5 M6’ has caused the following error:

USBDeviceOS_Finnish expected but received


Expected Error command missing

Please PLEASE do help as without this solved I am, for lack of a better word ‘fucked’. I have tried searching on the Steinberg website and have applied for the remote support with no reply and this is well beyond my knowledge.

Kind regards

Right I have re-installed Cubase 5 and it now works, however it is now 5.0 as opposed to the aforementioned 5.5 consequently I can’t as of yet open my projects, never the less I can start new ones and I assume it is now simply a matter of downloading 5.5,… Again :unamused:

I hope my problems can serve as of any help if and when a poor soul happens to embark on my problems these last five days :neutral_face: (shudder)