Cubase 5.5.0 strange notes/sounds when loading

I work with Yamaha Motif XS7
Suddenly I hear strange notes/sounds at start-up and while loading a project.
I hear also instrument notes by pressing one the first 8 tracks.
Also by pressing some keys (space-bar, comma,….)

I do not have this in Cubase 4
Have already uninstalled&Installed version 5, but with same result.

Some more info :

  • I’ve discovered a hardware problem on one of the usb connections : the white plastic insert was cracked on one of the ports which I used without knowing that. So I can have inserted a cable on this port which can have made wrong contacts. Possibly this has corrupted the program 5.5.0.

  • I have uninstalled the program 5.0.0 by deleting it to the trash and reinstalled it from the original CD. I could not find a better method yet to uninstall this on Mac OS 10.7.5 .Install was OK for the Mac, but I think the uninstall was not complete enough. Investigating now how to delete the Cubase version completely.

-Everything is still OK on an earlier version of Cubase 4 ( same computer & connections). So I think the later version 5.0.0 must be corrupted.

Any opinion how to delete the 5.0.0 version and to reinstall this properly ?
Or other possible errors ?

Everything solved after following the steinberg instructions for deleting all files in a proper way.
I do not know all repercussions yet, but at first sight is everything OK.
So I conclude that the program has been corrupted by a wrong USB connection.
The simple uninstall did not work. Btw, it was only fixed after a lot of trials. You have to do it in the right sequence : e.g. restart the computer in between and disconnect/reconnect in a proper way.
It was not that simple : uninstall on Mac is not user-friendly !
You’re welcome for more info if you want….

Sorry for a tardy reply - but I just saw your post - likely it was caused by a MIDI routing issue: If you go to DEVICES > DEVICE SETUP > MIDI > MIDI PORT SETUP > look at your “In ‘All MIDI INPUTs’” column, make sure you do not have Port 2 (the REMOTE port) marked as one of you INPUTS here. Only MIDI devices you use as your controller should be marked - only devices that generate data you wish to record to MIDI Tracks. If you have the REMOTE Port marked this will cause the strange behavior, as you have described, when you activate the DAW REMOTE mode. REMOTE CONTROL Messages should be isolated on their own discreet port in their own separate Device Folder.

If you mark Port 2 as available under ALL MIDI INPUTS, when you press buttons you may hear MIDI note-ons, touching buttons or keys may open Cubase windows, etc (ghosts will seem to occupy your machine). The REMOTE port is set in the DEVICES > DEVICE SETUP > REMOTE DEVICES folder. This will keep your remote messages separated from your musical performance data which is isolated on Port 1.