Cubase 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 export mp3 id3 tag bug

I noticed that there is a bug in export mp3 window on Cubase. It always inserts ID3 tag even if I have the checkbox unchecked. I attached a screencast of the process.

It’s a really minor thing, but oh so annoying. Can you please do something to it?

+1 Really Minor But So Annoying +1


we are aware of this bug.



It appears this was not fixed in 5.5.3 … yet, this can’t be a hard problem to solve. Since Steinberg are aware of this bug, can we expect a fix?

Fortunately, this has been fixed in Cubase 6, at least.


I ain’t paying 185€ for the update to fix a bug with mp3 encoding, and also I’ve heard from several colleagues that there are several reasons why I should not to move to Cubase 6 yet (like no transparent events for example, which I use a lot when editing drums).