Cubase 5.5.2 file corruption

I am wondering if anyone else is having this difficulty. I’ve been on Cubase for 15 years and this is the first time that the files have become corrupted so frequently.

The main point is that “occasionally” (1 out of 8 I’ll guess) when I save my project, the next time I open it, It gets all the way until the end of the starting sequence and then it crashes. This usually give me a minor heart attack.

Fortunately I have figured out a way to open it by opening another project - and then open the corrupted project (Without activating it. If I activate it initially . . . it crashes). Then I can activate it and it works fine. And I just resave as something else.

I am wondering if my Yamaha O2R Studio Manager software has anything to do with this?

Any thoughts?


Ctrl alt s is you friend

Yeah, I guess it would be my friend if it actually did something. :laughing: Did you happen to mean Shift Command S?

But unfortunately when I do save multiple times, all the subsequent files become corrupted as well.

I have this randomly on cubase 5.5.2 w7 x64… (which is very unstable… and don’t really take advantage of the i7/added ram compared to xp32 which seems to be the best OS available so far for PC)

I occasionally have this behaviour. With my system this seems to be usually associated with resource or memory usage by Cubase rather than a corrupted .cpr file.

For example, I’ve got a project which uses multiple orchestral plugins and they take up a lot of RAM. I’ve found that I can happily add new instruments and work well but when I save it and try to load again later it won’t load because there’s not enough memory and it’ll crash with no information given. I’ve watched the memory go up and then crash near 1.5Gigs. After a while my solution to this was to rationalise my instruments so I’ve got all that I need, then make sure the project saves and loads OK, then not touch the instruments again but just get on with the composing. Oh, I also switched on the 3GByte switch for XP to allow more memory for Cubase.

Another thing that causes project loading instability for me is the number of parts or clips in the project. If I don’t bounce down to reduce the number of parts that I’ve sliced up then I start to get instability, spikes and sometimes project loading problems. I bounce down regularly now and keep all old projects as backups.

Although I don’t use the Shift-Save feature, I do save a new project each time by adding an incremental number, but I also add a comment to aid my memory later if I have to go back. I once lost 7 .cpr versions and about 2 hours work due to not being able to re-load those projects again!


I’m wondering if your orchestra samples are from East West “Play” software, as I think that many of the times I have had the problem was because of having a loaded “Play” instrument in my session.

Mike, if you check this post again . . . are you by any chance using EWQLSO>


No, I’m using Philharmonic here. Using about 8 or 9 instances each loaded with the different sections which is why it butts up against the memory limits for me. Apart from that it’s very stable.

I have a cut-down version of EW that I use occasionally and I’ve had no problems with it, but then I don’t use it that much.

Have you upgraded to the latest Play version? I seem to get emails telling me quite frequently that there are new releases out.


Hi Mike,

Yes, I am on the latest version of Play. I don’t thinks it’s the problem though. I was just curious if you or anyone else was having the same problem with saved files not opening.

It is very strange . . .

Because I can eventually get the file to work by opening it directly inside of Cubase if I don’t activate it when I get the prompt. Does anyone think that this may be due to a Studio Manager (Yamaha 02R 96 editor software) issue?


ive experienced this.

there seems to be some issue since Cubase 5 where you can work away on a track and it will be fine and you render, etc and use up memory and more memory and it works ok at the time , but once you close down Cubase (and your PC for the night) and then the next day turn on your PC and try to load your session then all of a sudden your session is too big for memory. i dont understand that. its like Cubase cant see as much memory when its opening a session. or Cubase keeps spare memory for the session to grow as you add to it, but restricts the amount of memory available to sessions it is loading?

its very wierd…and a real PAIN

I’m just pondering this, but I wonder if Cubase has a load balancing system for memory. I’ve noticed that when CPU performance gets over 50%, over time on the same project, even though I’m doing more stuff, it will drop back to around 40% or 35%. I’m just wondering if it re-distributes its load through the multi-core processing somehow. Maybe with memory, Cubase memory usage is well distributed while the project is running / being worked on… but when being opened, all the OS can do is throw memory usage at it before Cubase is able to take over that distribution again.

Regarding EW Play, I’ve loaded the latest version but haven’t used it yet. The release notes were talking about fixing sticky midi notes as one of the major fixes. Play (at least x64) is heavy on memory. But other than the retail release I haven’t run into any stability problems at all. Cubase has been rock solid for me after the last few tweaks and removal of a batty plugin. Not even a glitch or hint of a crash so I’ve been very happy with it.
@Skyko- Have you tried removing the O2R studio manager temporarily for testing purposes?


See, I told them there’d be confusion if they combined the PC and Mac Forums :laughing:

what you are saying makes sense i guess…i just assume it is bad memory management by Cubase. its embarrassing when a client is sitting there and all of a sudden you cant load the session in front of them…very poor.

At that point Steinberg is called a lot of %^&#@# names in front of the client at which point the client usually says “why arent you using a Mac with Logic man…”


Ha! I hear you loud and clear. I really do love Cubase though. I would hate to give my money to Apple again. Let’s hope that Cubase 6 solves all of these problems for us.

(and doesn’t introduce any more). . .

I think that technology is just moving faster than we can reliably keep up with it. . . .

@ Blackout and @JohnOnKeyz . . .

I don’t believe my crashes have been a memory problem, as I have had this happen on very small projects that use only a couple of tracks.

I have not tried removing the Studio Manager yet, as I am in the middle of a BIG music library project, and If my studio manager access gets screwed up somehow I’m doomed. Good point though!

I have this happen regularly. What I end up having to do is open up an old old session that seems stable, then import audio regions and hope I can line them up decently. This led me to freezing and/or consolidating tracks regularly so that I wouldn’t have problems lining up the regions into old stable sessions.


For the record, I moved to Pro Tools 9…