cubase 5.5.2 still unstable, so why go to 6???

XP corrupted over time so a fresh operation system install usually did wonders.
I don’t know how many times I’ve reinstalled XP and win98 was even worse haha.
But for a while after that they usually run kinda smooth.
Win7 is MUCH better and my DAW boot with only audio stuff is a little snappier than my other boot labeled LAB is maybe kinda bogged down by all sorts of crap haha :blush:
Hard to tell though, it could be imaginary, and I’m not using the same programs on both so …

A fresh OS is a good tip, me thinks, if you haven’t already tried that?

im actually looking forward to upgrading to 7 when the money situation allows me to renew hardware that becomes obsolete (not all of us are millionaires) but till then (i speak for myself of cause) im just glad that i could on this present os take advantage of the new features that are in c6 ,this shouldn’t be a “move over to 7” snobbery thing like some people are making it out to be ! somre people have other issues and yes some people over the years have been unlucky by choosing the wrong system to run cubase and lost stability but mine hasn’t , but as they say "if it aint broke don’t fix it ",
as we speak im installing 7 x64 on a new drive BUT i know i can’t work with it for some time until the drivers for my hardware catch up ,so the only thing to do is stay working with the best system possible to me which happens to be a very stable xp .

sorry gone on a bit of a rant some people are just getting pro "anti xp "


  1. Make sure you don’t turn off your outboard MIDI interface/patch bay until you have closed Cubase. This is probably obvious to you, but if you turn off your interface, for example the MOTU MIDI timepiece AV, BEFORE you close Cubase…Cubase will never close.

  2. If it’s intermittent, a plug-in could be causing this. Does this happen with no plug ins installed other than the Cubase factory plugs? If it always shuts down perfect with just the factory plugs, then I would guess one of your plugs is causing the problem.

5.5.2 has been just fine with me on my year old XP computer that is dedicated to audio with no internet, games, or other non-audio programs. My only recent issues have been mouse freezes due to small electro static charges…

+1 :wink:

5.5.2 is EXTREMELY stable for me…the most stable I have ever had with Cubase…and I’ve been using it since the Atari days also. Windows 7 64-bit probably has something to do with it since it is also extremely stable…best Windows OS ever IMHO.

I also use J-bridge with my 32-bit plug-ins that have not gone 64-bit and everything works great…and I have over 100 vst’s instruments and FX installed.

To the OP- If 5.5.2 is that unstable for you, I’m afraid it is a deeper issue with your DAW.

Good luck getting it sorted out.

Hi steve

I didn’t mean to whine with you or against but certainly I understand the problem of being “forced” to upgrade to a higher system just to be able to use Cubase as intended.

I had been using XP a while ago when SX3 was all the rage but moved on when Vista came out and went for a more stable (but slower) AMD system.

There were many bad reports about Vista, and yes I had many crashes but it is quite stable now particularly on SP2, as well in particular with XML service pack updates.

Anyway I too am not keen to move on to W7, at least until a service pack comes out on that system. I know both Vista and W7 use virtually the same audio stack, so as far as support is concerned maybe it is best for all users to at least try the new “paradigm” for wanting of better terms but as you did not list OS specs it is difficult to know.

Cheers :mrgreen:

Win 7 SP1 will bring no new functionality - only collection of security fixes (all already available through MS Update - naturally) thus there is no point at all in waiting for it (this time).
This OS is simply not comparable to Vista at all = it rocks.


Vista and W7 are identical in terms of the audio stack, except W7 is more focused on audio in a managed environment.

Cubase 5.5.2 x64 on win7 x64 runs like a champ on my system. Totally reliable. Can’t speak to C6 because it doesn’t arrive for about 24 hours.

You’re hopeless.
OS is not about audio / whatever stack only.
Read posts thoroughly and think about the statements they contain.

Post reported.

… and childish.
BTW following your logic “Win 7 = Vista” then how could the SP 1 (with no new functionality) make it “better” anyway?
People like you make my life much funnier.

Added to foe list.

It gets better and better.
I feel honored.
My question was naturally ignored.

Johnny B Richman

I had decided in my grace to display your post.

As for Service pack releases they are milestones in the development cycle.

As mentioned in another thread, it would seem that Sanctimony, er, “Calypso” -is back again with a new name.

It would also seem that MAC users have now buttoned down a bit and accepted the new status quo, that they aren’t so elite as to require their own forum and can contribute just the same and maybe even do justice to the furthering of Cubase on their preferred system but that is beside the point of this topic which is about 5.5.2 running on a 32 bit system of which we have yet to know exactly what system that is.

It seems you are the same dweeb under any number of forum names.

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