Cubase 5.5.2 video out problem via intensity shuttle usb 3.0

I have been using Cubase almost 15 years . When working with long video lenghts more then 1 hour it was always trouble. I just want to see video output in the other lcd type screen. Matrox was the solution pharphelia type cards. But now 200 usd İntensity Shuttle usb3.0 its working with the Nuendo but what about Cubase and I send a email to the black magic design here is the answer.

Hi Yongun

Thank you for your email.

Although we do have support for Nuendo within our drivers, we could not guarantee that the same support will exist within similar software, such as Cubase.

Typically, software needs to have been designed to send video to an output device like Intensity Shuttle, or have the frame work to do this. Sometimes this can work through shared interfaces like Quick Time or Direct Show, but the application itself still needs to have the design to do this.

As such, unless something has been designed within Cubase to use an uncompressed output device like Intensity Shuttle, the software may not have any way to send video to the output

So the main problem Nuendo similar to Cubase but video engine system different :slight_smile:

I want to say is it hard to get a video out from Quicktime answer no just need a patch I think.

If anyone suffers the same sitution pls help.

My system : gigabyte ud7 - 12 gb gskill rams - i7 980 extreme cpu - 1200 watt psu - radeon 5830 graphic card - 3*1 tb hd’S