Cubase 5.5.3 doesn't load any plugin

Hi guys,

i’ve done some search and seen someone experienced this issue but not sure it’s my case.

it’s all happening after I’ve updated from 5 to 5.5.3
I’m on PC running WIn XP 32bit, 3Gb ram (they are 4 but you know win XP…)

It doesn’t matter what’s the CPU load, usually it doesn’t overcome 40% on my projects, it seems it happens after a while i’m working on a project.

Let say after 30 min, I can’t load any or nearly any plugin on inserts or on VST instruments window, even the native ones like Groove Agent One or any of the native plugins.

I say nearly any plugin because seems it can load only the smallest ones but not the heaviest ones like Stylus or Trilogy for example.

Anyone else that has or had the same problem?

If you start a new empty project, and leave it open for 30 minutes, then go to load the first plugin in it (GAOne for example), do you have the same problem?

Are you running XP Home, Pro, or Media Center?

well, it happens when I have already a good ammount of already loaded plugins on the project.

I usually start every project with a personal template with 3 reverbs on sends, 3 delays, 4 groups with some compressors and a mastering chain with EQ, comp and limiter.
Also 2 grooveagent one on VST instruments panel.

this default template loads 20% cpu and as I told before I never go over 40% on a full project.

I’ve read somewhere it could be a memory problem as I can’t have more than 3gb because of Win XP (it’s the professional version)

any suggestion?

I would suggest using the Freeze function to lighten your processing load wherever possible.

yeah, this is something I use to do, but I was supposing there was some setting to adjust

You could also try raising the buffer size on your audio interface. This will increase the latency, but it should also give the CPU more time process.