Cubase 5.5.3 / MR816CSX / Lion 10.7.3 => problems


i’m french user and search someone who have the same problem.
With Cubase 5.5.3 on Lion 10.7.3, my MR816CSX don’t work fine.
No quick connect, No “hardware” and DSP plugins enable, no phones…
I called french support but it seem i’m the only one who have this problem… so am i the only one on Lion 10.7.3 with an MR816CSX on Cubase 5.5.3 ? They called German support for help but since two month : no solutions

Things already tested :

  • format mac
  • reboot card (firmware 1.10)
  • re instal MR EDITOR
  • re instal Cubase

Process :

  • format mac
  • install Cubase 5.0
  • install Cubase 5.5
  • install Cubase 5.5.3
  • install MR Tools
  • Open MR Editor (all faders on 0db / fx on insert FX)
  • Delete all plugins who use Power PC (as it explain on steinberg site)
  • Open Cubase
  • Choice 8 channel multi recording
  • Re map all I/O (as it explain on steinberg site)

=> at this moment, all LED are on, i can see “hardware” and use DSP plugins.
=> if i re map a input in cubase (Channel 1 : input 1 => input 2) => all LED turn OFF

  • Close Cubase
  • Open MR Editor

=> All fader are - infiniti and on all channel, Fx are OFF

  • Open Cubase

=> All LED off on the MR816CSX, no quick connect, Can’t use phone (no select)…

I’ve try my card on PC, no problems
I’ve try on macbook pro (on Lion 10.7.3 too), exactly the same problem
Firewire chipset is Lucent in two MAC

I really turn crazy… so please if you have an idea or in the same case, tell me.
Thanks a lot for reading.



I tried on a MACBOOK PRO on SNOW LEOPARD and it work great… no problem on it :cry:

Anyone use this card on Lion ??? :question:
I tried with trial of Cubase 6 and that the same.

After research, i found this :

Now, i can use plugins and phones.
hope it can help someone.