Cubase 5.5.3 on OS X 10.6.8 saving project problem

Hi all,
After reinstalling “from zero” cubase 5.0 and updated it to 5.5.3…i noticed when i save the project cubase freeze for 5 or 6 seconds ,during which appears the classic hourglass of os x, then cubase complete the save. It never happened before! I noticed if i change the preference option , for the first time after that, cubase save the project instantaneously as usual, but only first time after changing preferences to “default”. I try to trash preferences but nothing happens. Until yesterday it worked perfectly, today cubase still annoying me! Some suggestions :confused: ? Thanks.

All projects or just one? Latest eLCC?

thanks for answer Mashedmitten! Yes latest eLLC, :confused: OOPS you are right! Seems happens only on one project!!!
Why? I have the same os, the same cubase, the same vst, the same plugins! I saved that projet in so many versions (number 1,2,3 etc) and it happens on every versions!!! Do you think maybe that project is corrupted? Anyway…THANKS!

Have you tried Save To New Folder choosing to get rid of un-needed chaff? Sometimes a lot of files in the Edits folder etc. slow things down.

Thank you mate! i’l try so ! :slight_smile: