Cubase 5.5.3 record audio clic

I’ve to send my drummer an audio clic recorded on a wav file.
I know I can do that with a midi clic but I’d like to use the audio clic from cubase.
I don’t forget to select clic on output VST connections and now I select this output in my track input then I start to record and nothing happens on my track (I can’t hear the clic and nothing is recorded on the track)

Can you help me ?

plug your outputs into your inputs and record it that way, watch out for feedback!!!

Sounds painful. :open_mouth:

It will never line up due to the latency of the converters.

OP, just program a MIDI click and export it as its own track.

Make it line up!

All he needs is one click or maybe two Beep, Bop…

Personally I dont like the internal click sound but the OP did say thats what he wanted.

Thank you for your help I decided to open a midi track with my own midi clic (setup) it sould be easier