Cubase 5.5.3 suddenly no export possible

Hi everybody,

I am working with Cubase for a long time, with more or less problems, usually less… Now yesterday, everything changed from zero to nothing. I was in the middle of a production, and just wanted to export a mixdown, when Cubase just stopped working during the export. There were strange messages. coming from the C++ runtime library, error code r6025. I checked internet, and this bug or error is known, but I did not find any solution for it.

In the meantime I spent about 10 hours to find the error, and found some really strange behaviour. Now, just a few minutes ago, the export worked for one time, then it stopped again with a different error.

There is nothing in the knowledge base. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Maybe delete some ini file or similar? Or is the upgrade to Cubase 7 the solution?

My machine is a i7 with 16GB and Win 7 64bit, Cubase V 5.5.3 64bits.

Thanks for any hints or tips.

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