Cubase 5.5.3 update Cubase 6. problem, help =(

I got Cubase 5 with key dongle . I did update to 5.5.3 and now I’d like to update to Cubase 6th I tried to download it from Cubase website , but can not install . I would have paid , can I get some help ? thank you

You can only buy the upgrade to the current version of Cubase.

I’m just a worldwide Cubase . Can you explain how to do this , I’d be grateful ? What would the price be? Please, thank you

See: Cubase: Music Production Software | Steinberg


This content When I want to buy Cubase 8 , but I 'm looking to buy Cubase 6 , or a similar version … I do not have money to 'd buy cubase 8th