Cubase 5.5.3 VST Bridge, ASIO TIME USAGE

I really hope somebody can help me, If you have the time, please, I’m begging you guys. Took me half an hour to figure out how to register for this forum. I called Steinberg and now their customer support is appointment only? Whatever. Hopefully you guys can help. When using Cubase 5, I do not give it many problems. I have a few vst’s I generally run. Amplitube 3. EZ Drummer. My problem is, after about 4 tracks with VST’s on them, my ASIO time usage bar starts to spike. Now, I’m no idiot. I dont run anything else when running Cubase. I ctrl alt delete and close firefox, and my music player, and all that fun unnecessary stuff. Its just really frustrating.

That means that I now have to take my guitar tracks and freeze all but one of them. Then record on the unfrozen track. Then listen. Then freeze it. Then unfreeze another. Then Record. Then listen. Then freeze. So on. So forth.

As I looked into this more, It seems to be a bit an issue around the interweb, without much luck of resolution, but I have hope. I took a specific project I made that was terrible with its ASIO usage. I put it on my hard drive and took it over to a friends. A friend whom runs Cubase 5, with Amplitube 3, With EZ Drummer. We load it up. It plays perfectly with no frozen channels…

Me-“What the!? Open up task manager and check how much usage the VST Bridge is using on the computer right now!”
He does as says, “I don’t see a VST in the processes…”

Well, I have another friend, Ill take it to his house! Same deal. THESE ARE THE SAME VST’S. THE SAME RECORDING PROGRAM! I just dont understand, but its starting to wear on me. Ive reinstalled. Ive changed OS’s. I dual booted to a side of my computer that had XP just to help it run better, and NOTHING WORKS. I checked for a BIOS update. I turned on speed step, i turned off speed step. I just cant figure this out. How can they have NO vst bridge when running VST’s but mine uses over 1,000,000KBPS in my task manager processes? I’m no computer idiot. I know that I’m running things correctly. I just can’t figure this out. Somebody, please, help.

Also, please note that I dont own a dumpy computer.

Dell XPS420
Intel Core 2 Quad Core 2.33GHz
7200 RPM Hard Drive

What OS? 32 or 64 bit Cubase? Which interface? USB? Firewire?

Windows 7 64 bit. 64 bit Cubase Presonus Firebox (same both my friends have) Firewire.

wait. does VST bridge change VST’s that are 32 bit to run 64? maybe they dont have 64 bit cubase 5 installed, thus the VST bridge need not run?

Yep. Some VST 2.x plugs have an issue with Steiny’s bit bridge. J-Bridge is a solution for this. Also, what IEEE 1394 chipset does your computer have? If not Texas Instrument then that could be an issue, also.

Its Texas, pal. Yeah. I guess this goes deeper than I thought! So I should either install Cubase 5 32 bit, or I should get this J bridge. Can you tell me more about jbridge? Does it cost money? Is it a fullproof fix?

J-Bridge is a 3rd party app. It’s only like $20 or so. Thing to do is go to their site and research any issues with the plugs you use. Don’t have a link, but Google should bring it right up. All reports I’ve seen of J-bridge are positive.

Hey man, thanks a ton, seriously. It was making me hate recording music. Ill buy it! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. You gave me my hobby back, haha.