Cubase 5.5 and TC Electronic Studiokonnekt 48 - noises

Dear Forum,

I am using Cubase 5.5 on a Windows 7 64bit computer.
The interface I am using is a TC Electronics Studio Konnekt 48 (connected via firewire).

The reason, why I am posting in this forum is: I am experiencing stutters and clippings, when I am exporting projects.
I am using the internal reverb effect from my soundkarte (Fabrik R). The reverb tails of the exported file sound terrible. Chopped, stuttering.

When I set the latency higher and export in “realtime” mode, the reverb tails sound as they are supposed to.
I dont understand, why setting the latency higher can solve this? I always thought, its the processor, which renders the exported file?

My questions are:

  • does anyone uses the same setup as I do? And could tell me, if he/she is experiencing the same strange things?
  • may someone is able to tell me, where the source of error may be?
  • does anyone uses Cubase 5.5 and SK 48?

I have a lot of problems with my setup. C5.5 + SK48. A lot of clipping and other artefacts.
I tried a whole lot of FW-Cards (TI-Chipset), tried to tweak my OS and BIOS etc.
I really dont know, where to find a solution or a hint, where the main problem may be found.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I really dont know