Cubase 5.5 + Komplete Audio 6 + OBS = NO AUDIO

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new here and I have a problem which I can’t find an answer for (system Windows 8.1).

I’m using Cubase 5.5 + the NI Komplete Audio 6 USB interface.
I was trying to stream music production to Twitch through OBS (Open Broadcaster Software),
however once I opened the DAW and pressed play on my recent track - there was (obviously) audio coming through my speakers connected to the KA6, but OBS couldn’t see any audio coming out apart from my microphone which I have also connected to the KA6 (PIC: vst_cubase.jpg).

It got me thinking, so I look into the Windows sound settings under “Playback Devices” and none of my devices are actually showing audio signal being played, even though I hear it! (PIC: playback_devices.jpg)

Then I found something called ASIO Link - which is supposed to route my audio to a virtual ASIO device - downloaded it, tried to change things around but without any signal coming out of my Komplete Audio 6 Main Output 1/2 (WDM Audio) in “Playback Devices” I can’t route anything into it.

Every other audio source is totally hearable in OBS, for example if I try streaming a youtube video from a chrome window - the signal shows up on both the Playback Devices and OBS and the sound is there.

Same no-audio issue when I try playing audio from Ableton, HOWEVER if I switch the Driver Type in Ableton’s audio preferences from ASIO to MME/DirectX everything works fine. Is there such a switch in Cubase or is Cubase only ASIO?

I’ve read that I might have to buy some cables and plug them in to the Line In and Line Out of my KA6, but I would need confirmation from someone…

Did any of you bump into this issue?