cubase 5.5

Hi I have purchased pro 8.5 but would like to try some older versions most are available but i need the full installer for cubase 5.5 or failing that 5.0 which i can then update via downloads . could anyone provide a link Many Thanks Mal

You need contact support and ask for an installer. Go to your “my Steinberg” area to open a support ticket.

how do i do that just spent 20 minutes going round in circles in my steinberg my support etc… but no way to contact was obvious any link would be greatful Mal

There’s no reason to use versions this old. Cubase 8 can open projects from previous versions.

Romantique This is the second time you have butted in with Your unhelpful and unwanted opinion I HAVE VERSION 8.5 BUT WANT TO TRY 5.5 is that so hard to understand

But what’s the point of using Cubase 5 (out of all versions) when even Cubase 6.5 was a straight upgrade? Are you having some issue with newer versions? I’m sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear, I’m just trying to stop you from doing something silly (sticking with an ancient version that has no advantages over newer ones) for no good reason. That’s pretty much begging to have a thousand issues as soon as you have to upgrade your computer, which will probably come with a recent operating system. They’re known to have bad incompatibilities with old software.

I dont wanna butt in, (lol) , but

It seems that cubase 5 is not on the FTP either…

@romantique- he may want to try v5 because i also know people in the scene who say that v5 was the last working version… Whatever musical/esoteric/spiritual factual truth is behind that statement-idk…
The current version is working fine for me too… (apart from the lose my flow moments)
-i am actually very optimistic about v9 too;)
-> im sure romantique just wanted to help u btw,.

O.k how do i create a support ticket i am in the uk but can’t find any link to email support i have tried my steinberg my support but it send me round in circles HELP!!!

Login to -> you will be on the “my products” page

Click on “my support”

Fill out information…

when i do that all i get is this

You should have the “normal” support options with your cubase pro… Did you activate it yet?

P.s. i saw the pic and you might wanna delete it… Or not… As, it has your email showing… Doesnt matter to me as im safe n stuff … Actually i think we are all good on here… Just sayin in case u didnt notice that…
Here is an email you can try: info(at)steinberg(dot)de
-> be kind, rewind:p

Edit: interesting

Email support

In the countries/regions listed below, we provide a support request form for registered users in MySteinberg.
Please check whether your product is currently supported by us!

Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)
United Kingdom and Ireland

Are supported… Are you in one of those countries?

-> does that mean im SOL if im in the states or some other country thats not on the list? .lol

Hi I am in the UK and i think i have registered pro 8.5 as i have installed and used it on both my main pc and my laptop i will go and try to reg it now

regged still same screen as in jpg (took out email thanks for the heads up i trust you all anyway )

These earlier versions were sold packaged as DVD disks together with a hefty manual. I do not recall there being any download version as at the time.

Perhaps you might explain why you want to try out C5? Perhaps you want to work with someone using 5, in which case maybe they have the DVD?

one of my computers is still on win xp 32 , anyway i have managed to get 6.5.5 running on it .
I don’t need version 5 anymore but i would still like to know why i can’t get a support ticket