Cubase 5/6 Backward compat?

Was a bit surprised that I can open a C6 project in my C5 …

From memory, this doesn’t normally happen is a full version upgrade.

Will this continue? … or may a future C6 upgrade kill this?

Aloha spec,
When ever I open a C5 project in C6 and try to save it I get the dia/l box:
So I guess there is some compatibility but limited.


Thanks for that … interesting that they’ve chosen to leave a compatibility path though, albeit slightly lacking in some features.

Different to their previous updates.

I’m beginning to think C6 is C5 with added features.

I say this because till now every major up-grade of Cubase SX3—>C4—>C5
used more and more cpu juice.

However I do not notice this the the new C6 up-grade.

Cpu juice usage for C6 seems to be the same (or very close) to C5s usage.

Still a very nice up-grade tho’

I totally agree …

I have Essential 4 and am considering upgrading to Artist 6. Will I be able to open my Essential 4 files in Artist 6?

I had substantial problems of this sort when I upgraded from SL 1.0.6 to Essential 4.

PS I understand that these are not the professional versions of Cubase, but they’ve worked well for me as a hobbyist.


Ther´s a project compatibility chart on the steinberg website. Also the link is posted here on the forum many times, try the search, I´m sure you´ll find it…

thanks! it’s here: