Cubase 5 64 bit erased my license

I had Cubase 5 32 bit, and it worked fine. I was told you can have Cubase 5 32 bit and 64 bit on the same computer. So I installed Cubase 5 64 bit. When I did it would not start. I went to the License Ceter and all my license with Steinberg was not there. I went to the license download section and cut and paste my activation code. When I did, I could not click the continue button as there was a white box below that siad updating. The problem was it said updating for hours. What the heck happened?

Re-installed the latest eLC software already…?

You need to install the 64bit eLicenser.

You seem to be a smart one on the forums, thanks.

Question is why can’t I use my Cubase 5 32 bit as the license area is blank? I will reinstall the latest elc software. Hopefully that will help.

UPDATE: Got it working. Thanks