Cubase 5.7 Mixdown

Hi all,

I have a problem with the mixdown:
When I do mixdown of tracks, both audio and virtual instruments, if I burn the audio files (WAV or MP3) on CD and I listen it the output level is lower than the original, … and I have a lot to raise the volume with the natural increase in the noise.
What could be the reason for this problem?
What can I do to fix it?

My config is:

Cubase 7.5 64bit
Winaows 7 64bit
Audio Card RME Fireface UC
16 Giga Ram

Thanks in advance

Try moving the Stereo Output slider way up when you export. I usually try two or three settings until I get an output file that hasn’t turned the bar yellow. Just back it off until it is unclipped. If there is an alternative I would like to hear about it since it doesn’t seem like it should have to work this way.

Thanks … How can I upload here a little test audio file?

Click on Quick Reply and then open the Full Editor. There’s is a tab under the message window (next to Options) for Upload Attachment.

… In attach my little demo with: 1 Trpt+1 Trbn and 1AltoSax,Tenor and Baritone

:wink: (366 KB)

Very nice! I had to rename it to an .mp3 though to play it.