Cubase 5 and Alesis DM10

I am posting this same question on Toontrack’s, Steinberg’s and’s forum pages
in hopes somebody - anybody who has the Alesis DM10 Studio kit recording with Cubase
can help me out before I take my kit and the recording software and throw all of them
in the trash!! Please excuse me if I sound mad, I am just very very FRUSTRATED!!!

First let me lay out what I have.
I own the 2011 Alesis DM10 Studio 6pc drum kit. The kit came with a DM10 module.
I bought the DM10 kit because the module the kit came with has a built in interface.
I am running USB cord that I plug into the back of the module and into a usb jack on my desktop pc.

My desktop pc is running Windows 7 as the operating system. I have (or believe I have)
downloaded ASIO4all v2 sound driver or card or what ever it is called, on to my desktop.
I have Cubase Essential 5 software by Steinberg. I also have Toontrack Solo EZDrummer
installed on my desktop.

I am trying to record the drum sounds I make playing my DM10 studio kit on the
Cubase Essential 5 software.

What do I need to do in order for me to be able to do this?

Can someone please explain to me in simple terms what I need to do to be able to
record the DM10 drum sounds on my Cubase and how i can listen to them? Am I suppose
to go into any specific settings and change things around? How do i know if the sound or
audio settings are using the ASIO driver or card or what ever it is called? I cannot
even find the DM10 kit listed anywhere in device settings of my Cubase Essential 5

Thank you

I do not think the DM10 is an audio interface! There is no mention of this in the DM10 specs!

It looks like the USB is for transferring sounds from the computer to the module to extend the modules kits, and also for MIDI transfer between the module and computer.

To be able to hear and record the modules sounds to cubase you will need a separate audio interface and connect the audio outs from the module to the audio ins of the (audio) interface.

Then use the USB connection to record and playback MIDI data to/from the DM10.


I just had a look at your other post about the DM10!!!

Are we not just going over old ground?

To put this directly.

The DM10 is not an Audio Interface. The USB connection on the DM10 is mainly for MIDI ( You can play and record MIDI to a MIDI track in Cubase this contains NO SOUND. You will need to assign a Virtual Instrument (drums) to the MIDI track to play it back, or send the midi back to the DM10. You will need an Audio Interface to be able to record the audio from the DM10.

This is basically the same advice as given on

Hope this helps.