Cubase 5 and Cubase 6

Are there any audio quality differences between Cubase 5 and 6? I have been working with 6.5 but I find the old lane system quicker for patching audio than it is with the comping system in Cubase 6.5. It is just quicker to clip a piece of audio that is correct and drag it under the mistake and fix it.

I have listened between the two and it is probably my imagination, but I think 6 is stronger in the audio?

Truth or are my ears deceiving me?



I’m sure there are no audio quality differences between Cubase 5 and 6. The editing workflow may be smoother and the effects may be more polished but audio is audio, and Cubase is still using a 32 bit floating point audio engine as always. :wink:

When is the old lane system coming back?

Anybody know?


The lane system in 6.5 is a combination of old and new, BUT you need to switch it on first. refer to manual.