Cubase 5 and Korg Midi devices do not function

Hello there,my Current setup has a Focusrite scarlet,an AKAI LPK25 midi keyboard,a KORG Nanopapad 2 midi device,and a KORG nanoKontrol 2(the latest addition)
I’m working with some DAWs,mainly with Cubase 5,and i m facing some operational challenges,with nanonkontrol& 2 Nanopad 2

Few things to know
1)Nanokontrol 2 gets power and the left top led light is on.Nanopad as well.
2)NanoKontrol2,and Nanopad2 can be identified and seen on device Manager under sound video and game Controllers.
3)Nanokontrol 2 and Nanopad2 are connected to(a power connected)usb 2.0 7 port hub.
4)Configure Korg USB-MIDI driver is installed.
5)Korg Kontrol Editor is installed.

What actually doesnt work:
1)Korg Kontrol Editor doesn’t recognize Nanokontrol 2 or Nanopad ,as connected devices
2)While pressing and holding the Set Marker and REW button,nothing is happening on Nanokontrol
3)In Cubase under device setting window,when attempting to add mackie control and midi in out ports used, the nanokontrol options are missing
4)On Ableton (Sonar,Reaper,Pro tools)cannot set the control unit for the same reason as Cubase
5)Nanopad stopped working since i connect nanokontrol2

1)Is it something that has to do with the actual device of NAnokontrol?(Nanopad as well)
2)Since i hook up the nanokontrol 2 i lost the nanopad2
3)Is it something i have to do with the Korg USB-MIDI driver?
4)Is it something related with the AKAI LPK Midi keyboard i have also installed and its Programm(LPK Editor)?
5)When working in Cubase 5 and MAckie Control ,While i m trying to set the correct parameters on midi in & midi outputall i get is all my other devices(AKAI LPK25,Focusrite Scarlet 2i4,Waves Rewire,and FL Studio FL)except nanokontrol2 or Nanokopad2
6)Is it something that has compatibility challenges with Cubase 5 ,i’m using?

Please let me know with your ideas,in order to gain full functionality
Looking forward for your reply.