Cubase 5 and Lioin

I needed to get a new computer (suggestion - don’t spill wine on your laptop). I bought a new MacBook Pro with Lion. Unfortunately it can no longer be ordered with Snow Leopard. Apple did all the data transfer. Now I’m having all kinds of problems. I know a few of my third party programs like Guitar Rig 3 will need to be upgraded. Superior Drummer so far seems to work. My biggest problem is many of my previously recorded songs will not load. Most get stuck when loading the mixer. My computer starts to rev up and nothing will load. Any suggestions? I’m planning to upgrade to Cubase 6 to take advantage of 64 bit processing. I’ve read that Lion does not support Power PC applications but not sure what they are or if I have them.

Hello Buck,

Unfortunately Cubase 5 is not supported on Lion, that could be an issue.
I am wondering that if it gets stock on the Mixer it´s because it is trying to load some old Power PC based plug-ins.
With Apple dropping Rosetta this plug-ins will not run anymore.
You should remove this plug-ins from your system and try again.
Also deleting the preferences of Cubase might help.
On Lion you have to open the menu “Go” while pressing the option key on your keyboard, then enter the Library folder > Preferences > Cubase 5
Delete the Cubase 5 folder.


If you happen to get it working with C5, it also does 64 bit processing.


Cubase 5 runs as a 32 bit application on Mac, only Cubase 6 runs as a 64 bit application on the Mac.

Best regards.

Oh, that’s right! Even though I’m not Mac savy, I did remember reading that.

I ordered Cubase 6. Should have it later today. I’ll see if that makes a difference. I’m not sure which programs use Rosetta. Could be Guitar rig 3. Other than that the only non cubase programs I use is Superior Drummer.

You could have checked the Cubase 6 demo to be certain.

I updated to Cubase 6. It works fine as long as I do not try to open a project containing Power PC plug ins. In my case it seems to be mostly Guitar rig 3. I have to go into each song individually and delete the plugs in’s. Royal pain. Anybody know of a work around?