Cubase 5 and Mavericks?

Has anyone successfully run Cubase 5 under Mavericks? I’m using Snow Leopard right now, but I’m being forced to upgrade since a lot of other software I use is starting to drop support for SL.

On another note, I understand that PowerPC apps won’t run in Mavericks, and some of Cubase’s software synths (Embracer, Monologue) will no longer work. What about Prologue? I’m not sure if it’s a PowerPC app, but I really need Prologue for quite a few different projects I’m working on. I’d really rather not lose that synth.

Aloha V,

Read your post.

Fired up C5.

Loaded a large C5 project. Played back fine.
(did no recording. MIDI or audio.)


No work.


Awesome, thanks for the confirmation. I rarely use the Embracer synth, if ever, but I have quite a few custom presets I use for Prologue.