Cubase 5 and Reason 5 not syncing

I recently upgraded to cubase 5 and reason 5 and now when I playback some drums in reason they are not syncing to cubase. its very odd and has never happened before in version 4. Rewire is working and I can start and stop in either program but its just completely out of sync, any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Sounds exactly like my problem too…

Not only my midi not syncing up it’s the audio too !!..The notes are sliding off.

These are versons of both Cubase 5 and Reason 5 straight from the box…I upgraded from Reason 3 to 5 and sometimes Cubase plays my midi file on time or wave file on time (after I stop and start) . See my post does it match your issue?

Read my following post and the post linked within… Steinberg and Propellerhead dont seem to care much about this major issue… They have given me the run around for months before finally actually testing my procedure and admitting the problem is there…

Read this

And join in in telling them both to pull their fingers out and fix the bug!!!

I dont care which software is to blame I paid good money for both and I deserve to have working software!

hmm, its my understanding that rewire is a joint effort between propellerhead and steinberg. perhaps when propellerhead developed and released Record it caused negative friction with steinberg since its starting to encroach upon cubase (or is headed in that direction) and perhaps this has strained relations between the two companies which is causing the poor rewire support in their new products as well as the unwillingness to accept responsibility by either company to correct the issue.